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I ordered the Monster wrap which comes with optional sweet potato fries for 1.50 more, and a green juice. Food and drink were delicious for being a healthier choice (I had my bad experiences with health oriented cafes). The guy who delivered was super nice but the order was missing the fries. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it but called to let them know if they could included it with my next order. The lady who took the call was very nice and before I could finish my request she said she would send the fries out right away. And they delivered that even quicker unlike some restaurants who prioritize full orders over missing items. Will order from again!


Top Reviewer
Ordered breakfast for the first time, however after ordering I decided I wanted to add something else, so I called the store and the woman who answered was so nice and happy to help no problem for adding an additional item. I got the fit omelette and protein French toast w/ Protein iced coffee everything was completely delicious and delivery came earlier then estimated time. Friendly & polite delivery man, Overall Great Customer Service, will be ordering from them again I think I found a new favorite


2 reviews
Food was amazing have been ordering all week. I have even gotten my employee to order, creating additional revenue for your business. You guys deserve it, and the female delivery girl is also top notch. She has been on point and on time, and advertised your company very well with the extra menus. Keep up the amazing jobs guys.
From one very happy customer


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It is easy to say it was good; but I'd like to clarify "good." The food was earlier than estimated time, speedy prep time and delivery. The food was fresh and a good amount especially for the price mark. Healthy food usually runs you a few bucks, they were priced just right. The delivery driver brought the food directly to me at work. And it makes me so horny.


1 review
This place is great! I had the bison burger it was juicy and fresh which is difficult considering how hard it is to cook bison meat without having it dry out. I love the options to create your own smoothies and juices. Souzafit is a welcome change from the usual junk available in the area.

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Top Reviewer
After looking through a menu that was dropped off at our office to stalking their pictures on Instagram, my coworker and I knew we wanted to try this place and we are so glad we did. The options are endless, the prices are beyond reasonable and we received our order 25 minutes sooner that originally stated. The food was GREAT and we can't wait to try their entire menu. They actually made us excited about eating healthier!!


Top Reviewer
A very pleasant surprise. A gem tucked amonsts so many different unhealthy options. The staff is amazingly gorgeous.... I meant polite and knowledgable and they always make you feel welcomed. And the food is just super fresh and tasty and innovative. My fav spot whenever im in The Vern! See you soon Ladies


2 reviews
I'm am absolutely I love with this place .. I've ordered numerous times and even from home in the Bronx, have not had any issues or warm food be cold when I received my order. They always are very helpful and cheerful and make very good suggestions when you aren't sure about what you want to eat!

The Mike

Top Reviewer
Food is always good, they get my order right. Delivery people are always nice and courteous.

I usually get the grilled chicken with brown rice and broccoli..

Açaí bowl is always good and tastes fresh

Would it be possible to add bran muffins to the menu?


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SouzaFits menu has many options that conform to my dietary restrictions. Ingredients have been fresh, meals delicious, temperatures right, prices are fair, and deliveries on time. I highly recommend SouzaFit.

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